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United Group HQ


Dhaka, Bangladesh




Completed in 2021


20,000 sq. m.


Ermanno Cirillo, Natta Sawetwanachoti, Nutchanun Boontassaro


United Group

The new home of one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Dhaka is located on the northern side of the capital city, nestled in a still fairly untouched natural landscape.


Our main focus is to design interior spaces that complement the architecture and integrate the landscaping with the working areas, projecting the internal areas into the outdoor gardens as much as possible. We aim for clarity of expression and lack of showiness, celebrating straightforwardness and subtle sophistication. We view the interiors as a comfortable and simple background for hosting laborious and complex activities.


We want to design this stage as an unpretentious and pleasant set of spaces that allow individuals to focus on their work, and teams to unfold creative collaborations while looking at simple but inspiring vistas that frame the landscape.

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