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The Public Window




Installation/Public Art




it doesn't matter


Natta Sawetwanachoti, Ermanno Cirillo 


URA (Urban and Redevelopment Authority)

Imagine a window ledge along a walkway…

Imagine a piece of the façade offsetting from the building…

This unbuilt installation tries to spatially define the transitional space of the walkway using an elementary architectural element, the window.

By reproducing a façade ‘mock-up’ we provide an elevation to the walkway, making it recognisable. The window is also used to frame the streetscape.

At the same time, the window ledge gives a support for passers to stop and act as if they were in an interior space.

Blurring the boundary between interior and exterior by introducing a queer element that generates a space with a different intensity than a usual walkway.

The space attracts activities by providing an identity to an otherwise grey and monotonous walking platform.

We aim to spark curiosity in the city dwellers, by interacting with the façade mock up, taking picture from/to the window frame, offering a resting area within a busy neighbourhood.

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