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TTI Industrial Site


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam






100,000 sqm. m.


Ermanno Cirillo, Napaphon Ponyiam, Chanunya Nitiwong


AC Consortium Pte Ltd



We developed this project for TTI's expansion in Vietnam, conceptualizing a revolutionary approach to production and warehousing that enhances workflow while proposing a unique livable environment for employees.


Our key strategy is a central "green corridor" that organizes the site and addresses different aspects of the brief. We prioritize simplicity, developing the concept by zooming into different facets and adding complexity.


Our focus is on a human-centric environment with a linear garden space as the backbone of the project. This car-free space allows for relaxation, exercise, and informal meetings. We prioritize flexibility, with the spine also serving as an infrastructural space for circulation and utilities.


Operational efficiency is enhanced through a linear configuration with juxtaposed layers, promoting a neater workflow and smarter use of space. Brand integration is also a priority, encouraging exchange and relationships among the many prestigious brands under TTI's umbrella.


Finally, environmental sustainability is a key consideration, with the lushly landscaped green spine providing shade and cooling. Passive design supports a more conscious approach to industrial building construction.

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