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Toa Payoh Active




Mixed Use (Sports, Library, Park, Polyclinic)




80,000 sq. m.


Natta Sawetwanachoti, Ermanno Cirillo, Naphapon Ponyiam, Numpohn Nilavajara


CIAP Architects, Arup, Aecom


Sport Singapore (SportSG)

This design was developed for the Toa Payoh Integrated Development competition, an ambitious rejuvenation project aimed to transform Toa Payoh Town Park and Sports Complex.


The scheme is heavily focused on optimising space by stacking uses (Library, Polyclinic, a competition-ready sports complex) in an innovative way, resulting in a structure that is both efficient and effective.


The large span MET catenary system roof is a standout feature, providing both form and function while also being sustainable. The design is also heavily influenced by the weather and climate of the tropics, with ample shadow provided by overhangs and a porous, breathable architecture that encourages natural ventilation. The ground level is fully pedestrian-friendly, with all car parks, drop-offs and services located in the basement.


The overall architecture is unpretentious and cost-effective, with a focus on spending money where it matters most – on the structure, roof and landscape that provide a biophilic environment and cool down the air.

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