Tai Seng Avenue




Mixed Use


Under Construction


106,000 sq. m.


Natta Sawetwanachoti, Ermanno Cirillo, Ding Koh, Anusha S, Elisabeth Yaw, Naphapon Ponyiam, Numpohn Nilavajara 


Soilbuild Group Holdings

One of the largest development currently ongoing in Singapore, Tai Seng Avenue is set to redefine the entire I-Park cluster with a new green heart and up to date workplace facilities. 

The core of the project is an elevated landscape deck, where four tower blocks radially converge. Lush sky terraces with organic shapes overhang towards the central area. 

The design started with a strong desire to configure work spaces that are flexible, sustainable and surrounded by vegetation; at the same time, given the size of the intervention, we captured the unparalleled opportunity to transform the identity of the urban context, working closely with JTC to meet their vision of upgrading industrial landscapes in Singapore.

Construction is ongoing and targeted to complete in 2022.