St John Mall


Yangon, Myanmar






29,000 sq. m.


Natta Sawetwanachoti, Ermanno Cirillo, Teng Joyjee, Nang Yadanar Thant, May Zaw Hnin



The proposed renovation of St John Shopping Complex aims to set a new benchmark for leisure and shopping facilities in Yangon. The 3-Storey existing building will enjoy a fresh make-up transforming its look and visual qualities.

A modern and elegant design, differentiating itself from any other shopping mall, will represent the rebirth of this important project, located in a very strategic corner, just a few minutes away from the busy Downtown. Lush greenery and classy materials will characterise the exterior, while the interior will be retrofitted using a simple and cutting-edge style, taking advantage of the existing impressive double atrium. The generous dining terrace will be a preferred retreat for relaxing and hanging out.

The young generations will find in St John Shopping Complex the ideal place to play and chill, while the tourists and visitors will enjoy a unique architecture, in harmony with the context of Yangon, its warm climate and its marvellous urban vegetation.