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Guest Lecture in Bengaluru

On October 12, Ermanno has been invited to the BMS College of Architecture in Bengaluru, within one of the largest university campus in the busy Karnataka capital. He has given a back-to-back lecture with Dr. Rupesh Iyengar (Dr.Sc. ETH Zurich) about building services and architecture.

The first part of the seminar, curated by Rupesh, was focused on the engineering side of building services and the latest available technologies. Subsequently Ermanno has expanded the notion of services and technology into a broader reflection about architecture, design and the limitations/opportunities given by machines.

Ermanno shared with 3rd and 4th year students his thoughts about the correlation between architectural design and MEP services, at different scales and in different historical periods, using the history of technological development as a tool to read and understand some of the most relevant architectural paradigms of the last century.

The interdisciplinary lecture was well received by the students and the great instructors that kindly helped with the organization. We hope that this sort of cross-discipline discussions could happen more and more in schools.



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